25 years Werta

We have been a part of Bulgaria’s economic life for 25 years.

We went through the difficulties of inexperience, ignorance and unfriendly environment. We have learned from our own mistakes and the experience of the prosperous countries, which we are still catching up.

We went through a severe banking crisis in 1996 and the effects of transition and of political instability.

We passed the expected 2007, when the freight forwarding industry in Bulgaria was put to the test in the European Common Market. We continue to be part of the technology war in which man struggles to survive.

If I was looking for a slogan of the company now, I would borrow it from a presentation by Mark Hellman, entitled FIRST: PEOPLE FIRST. During these 25 years we have never forgotten that we work with people and serve people. I am convinced that, to a great extent this is at the heart of our success.

The past 22 years at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics have confirmed my belief, that loyalty and teamwork are the solution for transportation challenge.

Let’s hope the experience and the courage to experiment make us part of the logistic industry future!

Thanks to all former and current employees of Werta for their willingness to share a part of their lives with us!